Special Occasion Baskets

Everybody has something to celebrate.  Could be a new job, a thank you, a new house, a birthday, an anniversary.  When people reach a milestone in their lives, as friends, family or colleagues, we want to wish them well, celebrate with them and tell them we are happy for them.  Sending a gift is a great idea at these times. What you send all depends on what your relationship is and who is receiving the gift.  If it’s a group celebration, consider sending a tray of goodies or a gift tower.  That way, everybody can share in the fun.  If it’s an individual or couple, a gift basket is a great idea. Choose a basket based on size, price, and appropriateness of your relationship.   Look at our full selection of gourmet gift baskets for ideas.

We even do apology baskets if you couldn’t make it to an event such as a wedding, party, or event. Maybe you forgot your anniversary; we have you covered.

If you don’t know what to give to somebody for the in between occasions, get something scrumptious but yet practical; a gift basket! Made in hand designed and picked baskets, you can reuse your basket for years to come and enjoy the treats along the way!